The Real King Macbeth and Lumphanan

The real King Macbeth (1005 to 1057) ruled Scotland for 17 years, from 1040 until his death at the Battle of Lumphanan.

He is thought to have been a good king, and unlike the character created by William Shakespeare in "The Scottish Play."

Lumphanan has a rich history, whose telling will be enhanced by a new augmented reality (AR) guide around the village and its surrounds.

See a flyer for the augmented reality project here.

Councillors Gillian Owen and Geva Blackett and the Laird Of Ballater taking pictures for the launch of the app at The Peel Ring, with the ghost of Macbeth (Neil 'Toj' Thomson) looking on in approval

See here for pictures to point the app at if you cannot get to Lumphanan